WOTRA S330 Stainless Steel Easy Spin Bucket Mop with 2 Refills

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Why do you need this MOP & BUCKET?

Easy to Install

Do not need any tools, quick installation, simple and convenient.

Easy-Control Water Release

Full control over the level of moisture of your mop— More spinning for more dry.

Use wet or dry

Use wet for a deep clean or use dry for dusting floors and other surfaces. It applys to family, hotel, school, car, and club. Clean become easier.

Microfiber mop heads works great wet or dry; No spills, no shock and no damage to floors;Stainless Steel Dehydration Bucket, Increase the Dehydration Inertia, Stronger Centrifugal, Thoroughly Dump. Keeps your hands out of dirty water.

Easy to Spin

The Easy-Press technology our product features demands your minimum effort of spinning dry the mop head. Simply press the mop handle a few times,and it automatically spins dry the mop in a few seconds!

Easy to Adjustable and Collapse

Durable telescoping handle is able to be fully extended to 59 inches to comfortably work for people of any height. Simple to extend or collapse by twisting each section. There are 3 telescoping sections.

No More Splash Dirty Water

Forget about the traditional mop bucket, our detachable wringer basket isolates all the splatter within the bucket only. The bottom outlet of the bucket is designed to let the dirty water flow smoothly and avoid splashing. Avoid your excess mopping time for the rest of your life!

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